New Member Quick Tips
24th of Nov,2020

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Features of the site are listed here!


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  • Sport Groups (100 Groups Available) - Physically active and considered competitive.
  • Non-Sport Groups (17 Groups Available) - Some physically active groups that are not considered competitive; and also groups that may be but are not competitive primarily physical.
  • Promotional Groups (12 Groups available) - Member interest areas with topics and procedures to aid individuals in developing their hobbies and interests.  Request to be added to any private group through Contact Form.
  • Health & Nutrition Groups (39 Groups Available) - These groups are more specific groups dealing with your particular concerns related to Health & Nutrition.
  • Beliefs & Blessings (25 Groups Available) - These groups are dealing with Beliefs and Accessibility to Blessings Available to individuals.

Member Profiles

  • The site offers free members profiles allowing you to list or search attributes of our members where you can then communicate.
  • Sign Up or Log In (If not already) then select PROFILE from Signed In User Drop Down along the top right-hand corner.
  • Search other members' profiles allowing for communication with selected members. 
  • Click on the main tab "MEMBERS" allowing you to search


  • Anytime you are on another member's profile page the top right-hand corner of the page will display Connect or you will see Connected.
  • If you have all ready requested to Connect then you will see Resend Request or Cancel Sent Request
  •  Choosing CONNECT will send the request to the other member, if selected each member will then have the other member added to their connection drop-down within their profile drop-down.
  • Many other CONNECTION features are being developed for further group communications.




  • Access over 80 different sport groups with non-sport groups and promotional groups also available.
  • Connect and communicate with others by Members Search to build your Connections.